Boardwalk Kennel Club
of Cape May County
AKC Licensed All Breed and Obedience (Sanction A) Club
The objective of the Boardwalk Kennel Club of Cape May County and it's members is to set forth as a
guideline to protect and advance the interests of the sport of dogs and to encourage sportsmanlike
competition at dog shows and performance events, including a respect for people and dogs.  We
present a guideline for our members to follow when breeding, buying, selling, or competing and
exhibiting dogs.  As a club, we strongly promote education and health testing.

The Boardwalk Kennel Club of Cape May County is a non-profit organization and is  involved in many
community activities regarding educating the public regarding all breed of dogs through membership
and seminar meetings, public education activities, breeder referral, support of community organizations,
etc.  We are proud that we are active in the AKC Canine Ambassador Program, and
Organized/Fundraised/Donated in starting K-9 unit of the Westville Police Department with Westville
Friends of Public Safety
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